However you arrived, whether it's from social media, word of mouth or you caught one of Angela's live shows, we're happy you're here! Charles is a full-time musician from Maryland, who has been making music since she was 17.  Not until recently in her career was she able to finally finish a full album of originals.  4 years in the making, "The Bitter Tree", which dropped April 12th, 2019, is a collection of songs carefully chosen from her personal songbook.  She wanted this album to represent who she is as not only a musician but as a person. Extremely introspective, but with a sometimes humorous undertone in her delivery, Angela's lyrics are deep but also have endearing lightness which she hopes will encourage people who are going through the many relatable trials of life. Her song, "I Ain't No Masochist", for example, is a song she wrote to herself as a reminder for her to, "stop being dumb" as she so kindly puts it.  "It is a song about how I kept making terrible decisions that were putting myself into a deeper depression.  I'd complain about how bad I was feeling and then I would turn around and continue to do the SAME exact thing that was making me feel terrible!"  Most of the time, you will find Angela performing solo, but this album represents her vision into how every song was intended to sound.  Her love for bold harmonies, honest lyrics, banjo, lapsteel, drums, and percussion will be very evident in this record and she hopes that you will enjoy her music as much as she enjoyed making it.






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