Find the full season 1 & 2 on Angela's Youtube Channel .

The Angela Show was a deluxe vlog that combined Angela's crazy sense of humor with her love for: food, music, art, people and being ridiculous! Even though The Angela Show is no longer running new episodes, there are 50 past vlogs for you to binge watch at your viewing pleasure! Below are some of Angela's personal favorites!  


Episode 39- Funny Snapchat Compilation 2! 

Episode 37 - Thrift store shopping with a 10 year old!!! 

Episode 35 - Stop Light Honies - Music Video! Hip Hop Satire

Dance Dance Copy Cat!

Epic Fart Prank - Embarassing Childhood Stories

Moms in the morning be like...

Episode 38- A Cool Little Coffeeshop! 

Episode 36 - Cooking In France With Chef Jean-Jacques! 

Thwarted by the blizzard!

Funny, irrational fears!

Sing with me, sister!

Prince tribute - Starfish and Coffee